Shop that sells the best traditional confetto candy in Japan "Ryokujuan-Shimizu"

Ryokujuan-Shimizu was established at Kouka 4 (1847), the only one shop for traditional Konpeito, Confetto candy making.
As you know, Confetto candy was originally created in Spain and its making method came to Japan with missionaries during Edo period, and it was at first a special sweets only eaten among aristocrats and high ranked samurai soldiers.
Recipe for Konpeito was not clarified for long time, and Konpeito maker was proud of making Konpeito and presenting it to noble people.

Therefore, expert workmen in Ryokujuan-Shimizu make Konpeito strictly tracing the traditional style spending a few days to make a bowl of confetto candy. The taste of those traditional confetto candies is different from those mass-produced by sweets maker companies.

Once you try a piece of Ryokujuan-Shimizu Konpeito, you will miss it whenever you eat another makers cheap confetto candy.
If you are lucky, you will find seasonal assortment, though regular candies are good enough to taste. I like seasonal or limited assortments, like you ;-).

In March, salty cherry blossoms are used to taste and flavor the confetto candies, it will take your mind to the Hanami season Japanese garden filled with Someiyoshino cherry flowers everywhere.

If it is difficult for you to select the best Konpeito, I recommend you to buy “Cha-Kaiseki” set in the bamboo basket. The bamboo baskets are the top and bottom two steps. There are five kinds of house-chosen confett0 candies that put in the bag in steps above. In basket below, there are five kinds of confett0 candies of limited goods.

It is my pleasure to see the beautiful color, taste and enjoy a variety of flavors. It would be nice for you and your families too.I
love confetto candy of cherry flavor.

Pretty pink colored tiny candy had a faint but lovely flavor and took me to the cherry garden at May fine day I have visited with my dad. This is the rare candy you will not always see it in theshop.

Confett0 candy flavored by brandy, though it is sweet and do not have a smell of alcohol.The brandy Konpeito is in the glass ware with a lid and put into the Washi-made box.

It is surprising that the image of confetti candy is a cheap ordinal candy for children, however, Ryokujuan made it to luxury item for souvenir.

I cannot say you can buy limited item always, but I do recommend you to visit this shop filled with sweet smell of sugar and various fragrance of fruits or herbs, sometimes with liqueurs.

Sakyoku YosidaIzumitonocho 38-2, Kyoto
open:10:00~17:00(to 18:00 during summer season)
regular holiday:Wednesday