To eat this powdered green tea parfait, many people come from various place of Japan "Ito-Kyuemon-Honten"

Ito-Kyuemon in Uji, Kyoto is well known shop for Uji green tea and Maccha, powder green tea flavored sweets.
You need 5 minutes walk from Keihan-Uji station to visit “Ito-Kyuemon-Honten” locating along the big street.
So usually most of the local people will visit the shop by their car.

What a strong and various attractive gravity of many sweets displayed in this house!
No, no, encourage me not to buy every sweets in this shop!

…Thanks, I resisted against the gravity and walked to café area in the right side of front gate ;-).
I ordered "Set of the powdered green tea parfait and this bracken rice cake".

The most popular menu powdered green tea parfait is a little bit smaller than another parfait you see. Probably it’s a half size of USA size.

But do not mind, it means that you can enjoy various kind of sweet dishes in this shop…Oh! I just found that it’s the tactics of this sweets shop ;).

The powdered green tea rice cracker, powdered green tea cream, the powdered green tea jelly, the white rice dumpling, and the red bean paste, everything flavored with the powdered green tea have gotten on up as a topping of the parfait.

In the parfait, the powdered green tea agar, the vanilla ice cream, and the green tea flavored ice cream have been tightly blocked in. The powdered green tea fun comes to want to dance gladly at a glance of it ;-).

You can eat lightly without getting tired on the way even in case of being more in the parfait because no powdered green tea jelly no powdered green tea agar-agar is too sweet completely.

In spite with strong sweetness, It is easy to eat the parfait quickly, because there are strong bitter taste of powdered green tea, which will keep you off from boring with simple sweetness.

This parfait is just an article of the sweetness of pleasant. You will come for another to want to eat instinctively. This is indeed the most popular parfait at the Ito-Kyuemon.

Here is a bracken rice cake cup set with the parfait.

Black honey is garnished to the bracken rice cake. However, even if you do not put black honey on the bracken rice cake, you can eat it delicious. It feels relieved when eating after a cold parfait because this bracken rice cake is a simple, easy taste.

The powdered green tea parfait of Ito-kyuemon was a delicious powdered green tea parfait that did not fail to live up to the expectation like the reputation it. (*^-^*)

By the way, there is green tea counter that can sample favorite Uji tea in the inside of a store, too. Therefore, you can make it to the souvenir by selecting the Uji tea of the taste, and setting powdered green tea sweets sets.

“Ito-Kyuemon Honten, Sabo”Endoh-Aramaki 19-3, Uji
open:10:00~18:30(café L.O.18:00)
regular holiday:none
Phone :0774-23-3993 (Be careful, this is outside of Kyoto city, so you need to push location number 0774 at first when you call from Kyoto city.)